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Typically due to arthritis, you may be experiencing a limited range of motion in your first big toe. At Millennium Podiatry, Dr. Suzanne Levine created a ground-breaking treatment – “The Loub Job®,” to help combat this issue, allowing you to walk and move more comfortably. New York, NY men and women are now taking radical steps to resolve the ongoing joint pain that comes from wearing their favorite pair of shoes, performing their favorite activities, or having been caused by arthritis. Get relief from a limited range of motion and stiffness with “The Loub Job” at Millennium Podiatry in New York, NY today. 

How are loub job injections performed?

Loub job injections are beneficial for patients who have painful arthritis in the first joint of the big toe and are unable to move it up and down. This innovative procedure is provided in order to help increase flexibility and reduce the associated pain. With the use of a fluoroscope, Dr. Levine injects hyaluronic acid into the joint to help lubricate it. Although a loub job treatment needs to be repeated, it can help you avoid surgery or at least put it off until you’re ready for it. 

What can I expect after Loub job injections?

The hyaluronic acid used with loub injections is a naturally occurring material in the body and in the joint (often deficient in arthritis) and can last from six months to a year. Additional injections may be needed after your results have started to wear off in order to preserve your results. Our team will let you know what to expect after your treatment and provide the necessary aftercare instructions for your best outcome. Men and women who receive the treatment report an alleviation of joint pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion. 

Alleviate Joint Pain and Stiffness

Loub job injections are an innovative treatment option to help alleviate big toe stiffness and pain. This quick and effective procedure has been created by Dr. Levine to help you walk and move around more freely and comfortably. Contact us in New York, NY today to learn more and schedule an initial consultation.

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