Ledderhose Disease in New York, NY

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What is Ledderhose Disease?

When connective tissue in the feet continues to accumulate, it begins to create hard, often painful lumps along the plantar fascia. This rare condition is known as Ledderhose disease, and while it is not cancerous, it can be very painful. In addition to this pain, many patients often notice a tightening of the skin, as well as the feeling of pins and needles along their feet. This disease can affect men and women of virtually any age, though it typically occurs in patients 40 and older. Though there are many forms of treatment for this condition, it is very common for it to reoccur, especially when it is treated with surgery. Dr. Suzanne Levine has countless years of experience successfully treating Ledderhose disease for patients in New York, NY. Contact Millennium Podiatry today to set up an appointment with our staff.

How is Ledderhose Disease Treated?

Many other practices will simply recommend surgery as the primary option to treat Ledderhose disease. However, what they often don't tell you is that this is only a short-term solution as the lumps are very likely to grow back. Dr. Levine utilizes various homeopathic, naturopathic, and holistic treatments in order to get to the root of the problem. These exact methods could vary from patient to patient as she caters to the unique needs of each person's body. In this way, we are able to remove the cause of the condition rather than just removing the symptoms.

A natural Treatment for Painful Lumps on the Feet

Don't let Ledderhose disease stop you from feeling totally comfortable in your everyday life. At Millennium Podiatry, we offer natural solutions that — unlike surgery — will hopefully keep your symptoms permanently at bay. Call our office in New York, NY today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Suzanne Levine, and discuss your options regarding treatment for Ledderhose disease.

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