Dropped Metatarsal Treatment in New York, NY

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Do you have pain in the ball of your foot — the part of the sole just behind your toes? Does it get worse when you stand, walk, or run and improves when you rest?

It may be a condition called metatarsalgia brought on by complications with one or more of the five bones in your foot ‘dropping’. Your foot has five metatarsals that each connect to one of your toes. If one of these metatarsals sits lower than the others (“dropped metatarsal”), it will bear a greater amount of your body’s weight than it should, causing pain and inflammation.

High heels are often a culprit in the development of a dropped metatarsal. Luckily, multiple procedures are available to correct this problem.


  • Pain in the ball of your foot — the part of the sole just behind your toes.
  • The pain may be sharp, aching or burning pain.
  • Pain that gets worse when you stand, walk or run and improves when you rest.
  • The pain may radiate from the balls of the feet into the toes.
  • Numbness or tingling in your toes.
  • Pain that worsens when you flex your feet.
  • A feeling in your feet as if you’re walking with a pebble in your shoe.
  • Increased pain when you’re walking barefoot, especially on a hard surface.
  • Calluses on the ball of your foot.

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