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What is Stiletto RX Heel Comfort?

While designer shoes and high heels can make your outfit look absolutely stunning, they're also not known for being incredibly comfortable. In fact, in many cases, these shoes can cause immense pain for women if they're worn for a lengthy amount of time. Fortunately, Stiletto RX heel comfort is an injectable that adds "pillows" to your feet, significantly improving your natural comfort level in even the most unforgiving shoes. Our team at Millennium Podiatry is highly experienced in utilizing this one-of-a-kind procedure to enhance the lives of entertainers, athletes, runners, fashion gurus, and anyone else in New York, NY that might need an extra bit of comfort in their feet.

How Does Stiletto RX Heel Comfort Work?

Due to the nature of this treatment, it is incredibly fast and requires little to no downtime. Once we've made the injection into your heel at Millenium Podiatry, the solution specifically targets damaged tissues to begin to form a sort of cushion on the balls of your feet. The cushion, or pillow, effectively functions as a padding that ensures the utmost comfort on the areas of your heel that need it most. In addition, it prevents patients from feeling a burning sensation when wearing high-heeled shoes. This procedure is particularly useful for women that consistently stand and/or wear high heels and therefore, may have extra wear and tear in their feet.

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Shoes

Stiletto RX heel comfort injections can be an incredible option for women whose feet are constantly in pain due to their choice of shoes or simply due to having to stand for prolonged periods of time. Millennium Podiatry is proud to offer this, as well as a number of other services, in order to better serve our patients throughout New York, NY. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our talented medical professionals.

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