Why Now Is The Time to Treat Your Post-Quarantine Feet

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused everyone to spend most of their free time indoors. While you may have been focused on staying healthy and fit, there is one body part you may not have paid much attention to – your feet! Going barefoot and not wearing proper foot support can lead to some soreness and injury. Maybe you experienced a drastic change in the appearance of your feet.

So, do you have post-quarantine feet? Problems like bunions and fungal nails can be embarrassing, especially if you enjoy wearing strappy high heels. Regardless of whether COVID-19 caused your foot issues, they can be difficult to ignore. Millennium Podiatry can help you return to the New York social scene and go from tennis shoes to cute summer sandals with a range of advanced podiatry services.

The great news is that Dr. Suzanne Levine helps take care of your feet and get them summer-ready in no time. Learn about our aesthetic foot treatments when calling for an appointment in New York City, NY.

Bunion deformity

A bunion is characterized by a bump at the base of the big toe. Bunions form when too much pressure is applied to the side of the foot. They may cause pain and joint pressure when walking. If you want to enjoy sexy feet and get back to summer sandals, we may start with conservative treatments, like shoe inserts and injections at the base of the toe. Minimally invasive surgery is also recommended for definitive treatment. Our procedures at Millennium Podiatry may not even require stitches!

Pillows for your feet

Celebrities and influencers spend all day walking the red carpet in the New York social scene. This can result in a loss of fat on the bottom of your feet. Stiletto RX®: Pillows For Your Feet® combats fat loss using advanced ultrasound guidance and injectable implants. Now you can reach a whole new level of comfort, even with quarantine feet.

Laser treatment for fungal nails

Summer-ready feet should have plenty of arch support, but what happens when your toenails get in the way of having sexy feet? While fungal infections may start as a white or yellow spot, your nails may eventually thicken and crumble at the edges. Proper precautions must be taken if you don’t want your fungal nails to return. Dr. Levine can examine your feet and make suggestions, such as precision laser treatment.

Foot Facial®

Want to give your feet a treat? Millennium Podiatry provides luxurious Foot Facial treatments that leave your feet feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Our Foot Facial is specially designed to increase circulation and combat common issues, like calluses. Best of all, this spa-like treatment has been featured on shows like The Today Show and Access Hollywood! Pamper your quarantine feet and make sure you are ready for the New York social scene.

Get your summer-ready feet

Do you love open-toed shoes but are embarrassed by bunions and fungal nails? Don’t let these issues prevent you from having summer-ready feet. Learn how to achieve sexy feet by meeting with an experienced specialist, like Dr. Suzanne Levine. The professionals at Millennium Podiatry are proud to treat each patient with effective and comfortable podiatry services in New York City, NY.

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