The Examiner’s Summer Beauty Guide


5. American Crew Power Cleanser Style Remover

Time to remove any damage from beachy salt water, over exposure to the sun, and over processing through color maintenance, over heating with straightners, curlers, etc, and excess gel and spray buildup. American Crew brings you product to deep clean, and strip your hair from all of the hard times we put it through.

4. Body Drench Maui Mocha Natural Bronze Tan Accelerator

From your hair, skin, and nails, it is important to not neglect any of your body parts during the winter months. We have a tendency to let our normal maintenance take a back seat as we are stuck indoors throughout the brutal, cold weather months. Body Drench brings you a line of tanning accelerators to give you that optimal glow. Just because you didn’t get a chance to getaway this season, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look like you went somewhere fabulous and give yourself a head start on your bronze!

3. Paul Mitchell Super Charged Moisture Treatment

Paul Mitchall is everyone’s most friendly, and recognized name attached to beauty and hair care. Their Instant Moisture Treatment is the ideal solution to infuse hydration and life back into your mane. It is soft enough for daily use while transforming your hair back to a healthy, voluminous state.

2. Pillows For Your Feet

Inspired by Revolutionary Procedures & Modern Day Treatments
Dr. Levine’s motto is “Treat your feet the way you treat your face.” Responding to the needs of her many celebrity, fashion and business world patients, Dr. Levine has pioneered many revolutionary procedures including the one that she first called and trademarked Pillows for Your Feet: she injected poly-L-lactic acid into the balls of the feet to implant a soft, billowy filler that reduces the pain associated with wearing high heels. She has also developed what she jokingly refers to as her “Loube Job,” Dr. Levine’s term for viscosupplementation, an injection of hyaluronic acid into the big toe to alleviate pain. Both procedures can be done during a lunch break, and patients are back at their offices, and wearing their favorite shoes without pain or discomfort in a matter of no time.

1. Go Bronde Color

Do blondes have more fun? How blonde is too blonde?

Not sure how light to go…Then go “Bronde”. A perfectly healthy balance of mix of light and dark tones illuminating the ultimate beach color.

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