Say Goodbye to Bunions and Hello to Summer Sandals

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Do the shoe boxes in your closet bear the names Prada or Christian Louboutin? High-heeled sandals are a staple of popular TV shows like Sex and the City. Unfortunately, bunions can make wearing your favorite shoes embarrassing or even painful. Bunion treatment at Millennium Podiatry can help you reclaim your cute summer sandals and enjoy sexy feet once again.

Don’t let bunions ruin your summer months. Board-certified podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine is proud to offer surgical and nonsurgical options to get rid of bunions at our New York City, NY clinic. Read below to learn more or contact our office for your first confidential consultation.

What is a bunion?

Bunions are among the most common foot problems in the U.S. A bunion occurs when your big toe curves inward toward the second toe. This causes a bump to develop on the side of your foot. Factors like arthritis and genetics can increase your risk of bunions. Fashionable women's shoes, like high heels and sandals, can make bunion symptoms worse, especially if they have a tapered toe in the front.

How bunions affect your life

Almost anyone can get bunions. If you do suffer from them, it can be almost impossible to find shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. Cute summer sandals may even sit in the back of the closet because they are too painful to wear. Millennium Podiatry recommends getting bunion treatment as soon as possible in New York City, NY. The primary signs of a bunion include:

  • A prominent bump: As we mentioned, bunions cause a noticeable bump on one side of your foot. You may feel tension or irritation from this bump when wearing certain kinds of shoes.

  • Joint pain: Because the big toe is in an unnatural position, you may have joint damage and signs of pain.

  • Changes in your gait: The abnormal shape of your foot may cause you to walk differently, causing discomfort in the foot, hips, and back.

Nonsurgical bunion treatment

Many people can relieve bunion issues temporarily through nonsurgical options. This includes finding footwear with wide toe boxes that reduce pressure and friction. Custom-fitted orthotics are recommended to prevent bunions from worsening. You can also try cool compresses and ice packs to reduce any inflammation associated with bunions. Of course, none of these options actually address the root of the problem or help you get back your sexy feet. This is where experts like Dr. Levine come in.

Get rid of bunions through surgery

Millennium Podiatry may suggest surgery if your bunion is interfering with your daily activities and choice of footwear. During an evaluation, we can review your symptoms and make recommendations as needed. The goal of surgery is to place the big toe back into the correct position. The good news is that most procedures do not require hospital admission or invasive measures. Dr. Levine can walk you through the process when you schedule a visit.

Wear cute summer sandals again!

Do you want to enjoy sexy feet without discomfort or an unsightly bump? Board-certified podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine has helped countless patients get rid of bunions and provide relief for life. When you are ready to get back into your cute summer sandals, contact the specialists at Millennium Podiatry in New York City, NY. We can perform an evaluation and make custom recommendations for you.

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