– Fabulous Feet Over Forty

Why Our Dogs Bark More After 40

In your forties, the padding on the bottom of your feet starts to thin, so when you slip on heels, the exaggerated angle (and the subsequent pressure on the bottom of your feet) makes you more apt to feel pain as you walk. In addition, ligaments, muscles and other soft tissues loosen up, making muscle spasms more likely. Ouch.

What You Can Do To Find Relief

  1. Accept your new feet Many women wear shoes that are not the right size or shape for their feet. Did you know that by the time you enter your forties, your feet will be one full size larger than they were in your twenties? So be sure to choose shoes that fit your feet as they are now—and shop late in the day when your feet are larger due to fluid accumulation and gravity.
  2. Shop smarter The key to wearing shoes that look killer but don’t feel that way is to choose footwear that’s equipped for comfort. Look for expandable materials like leather, which conforms to the shape of your foot and is porous so your feet can breathe. You also want to ensure that the shoe has good sole cushioning to aid in absorbing shock. And, finally, you must pay heed to the shoe’s shape. Avoid very pointed tips, which don’t allow much room for your toes; rounded square toes are a better bet. Heel-wise, try kitten heels or a shoe with a platform. Platforms give the illusion of great height but they’re the equivalent of a modest heel (2.5 or 3-inches). Nine West has great options at moderate prices. Michael Kors and Sergio Rossi also make wonderful styles, if you’re willing to splurge. But remember: Heels are not everyday wear. Everything in moderation!
  3. Baby your feet before bed After wearing heels all day, your feet will need some rejuvenation. Make a tea bath with Epsom salts, lavender and chamomile tea and soak your feet to relieve swelling and pain. Afterward, massage with Bengay. This encourages circulation in your feet, and provides the relief that you will need to be up and out the next day.

For longer lasting results, you might also consider Stiletto Rx: Pillows for your Feet™. Pioneered by Dr. Levine and her colleague Everett Lautin, M.D., the treatment uses shockwave therapy, ultrasound therapy and injectable implants to replenish the cushioning under the foot. For more information, visit Millennium Podiatry Online.

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