Is This Lump on my Foot Caused by Ledderhose Disease?

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Ledderhose disease, or plantar fibromatosis, is a rare condition that is typically found in the connective tissue in the sole of the foot. Patients often notice a hard and round lump or nodule that is causing some form of discomfort when walking or when pressure is applied. These nodules can occur in one or both feet, and the exact cause is not fully known, but the progression is usually slow.

Since the nodules are benign, smaller nodules can be monitored without treatment. If the nodule becomes larger and is causing pain and discomfort, we will recommend treatment. If you feel like you may be suffering from Ledderhose disease, schedule a consultation with board-certified podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine at Millennium Podiatry in New York City, NY.

How do I know if I have Ledderhose disease?

The signs and symptoms of Ledderhose disease include:

  • A hard and firm lump in the arch of the foot
  • Increase in size of the lump
  • Multiple lumps
  • Pain and discomfort when pressure is applied

How is Ledderhose disease treated?

In the past, surgical options, such as a fasciectomy, were used to attempt to remove the nodules, but the recurrence rate was high. Surgery could also cause damage to the surrounding connective tissue. At Millennium Podiatry, we believe in a nonsurgical, holistic approach for treating plantar fibromatosis. Dr. Levine will first use ultrasound imaging to diagnosis the nodule.

If it’s determined that the condition is Ledderhose disease, then an anti-inflammatory injection containing a combination of a homeopathic steroid, lidocaine, and hyaluronic acid is used to reduce the size of the lump. While you will see results after the first treatment, we recommend 4 – 5 follow-up treatments to get the desired results.

When should I consider getting treatment?

It’s always important to get any lumps or lesions on your body checked by a medical professional. If it is determined that you do have Ledderhose disease, we can take a conservative approach to treatment as long as you are not experiencing any pain or discomfort. If there is pain associated with the lump, we recommend injection treatment.

Why choose injections over surgery?

Surgery is typically used as a last result to treat Ledderhose disease because it is invasive, traumatic, and can’t stop another lump from returning. Dr. Levine believes in a holistic and homeopathic approach for treating Ledderhose disease to reduces the lump while protecting the surrounding tissue. She has found success in the treatment of Ledderhose disease with a proprietary nonsurgical approach that leaves her patients healthy and happy.

Where can I get treatment for my Ledderhose disease?

Dr. Levine at Millennium Podiatry is one of the only podiatrists on the East Coast to offer a holistic, noninvasive treatment for Ledderhose disease. During your initial consultation, our dedicated and skilled physicians can customize a procedure plan that will treat your medical foot condition. If you feel like you are suffering from Ledderhose disease and it is causing you pain and discomfort, contact us today.

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