How to Know if I Need Treatment for Pain in the Ball of My Foot

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Whether to make a fashion statement or appear more professional, many women love wearing high heels. However, even the best fashionable heels can still cause foot pain in the balls of your feet. This common foot complaint in New York City, NY, is called metatarsalgia and can be caused by a number of different conditions. It may be because of a lack of cushioning in the area.

Don’t want to give up your favorite high heels? Board-certified podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine offers an innovative solution called Stiletto RX®: Pillows For Your Feet®. This treatment can improve the padding on the bottom of your feet through a series of minimally invasive injectables. Discover how this procedure works below or contact Millennium Podiatry to schedule your first foot pain assessment.

Are you experiencing pain in the bottom of your foot?

The ball of the foot is the padded part of the sole in between the toes and arch. This area is more prone to pain because this is where we place our weight when walking or running. You may have problems, like calluses and blisters, pain, and swelling, that worsen when standing too long or wearing ill-fitting heels. In many cases, lifestyle changes, like rest and ice, can reduce metatarsalgia. However, chronic discomfort should be addressed by a podiatry professional before the issue becomes more serious.

How is ball of foot pain diagnosed?

Foot conditions are diagnosed with a foot examination at Millennium Podiatry. Dr. Levine will examine the foot while you sit or stand, then ask questions about your lifestyle and footwear choices. It is important to let us know how long you have been experiencing pain so we can pinpoint your problem. We may recommend over-the-counter methods and orthotic inserts in New York City, NY. If we determine that your discomfort is caused by a loss of padding in the ball of the foot, Pillows For Your Feet can help you reach optimal foot health.

How Pillows For Your Feet injections work

Foot pain can prevent you from dressing in your favorite heels. Pillows For Your Feet can restore lost cushioning and relieve pain through injectable treatments. The good news is that there is no need to go under the knife. Dr. Levine is proud to have helped individuals like athletes and fashionistas with this approach. We perform Pillows For Your Feet by administering Sculptra®, a trusted anti-aging solution, into the needed area. Sculptra stimulates natural collagen growth and rejuvenates the balls of your feet, so they become plumper and more cushioned. Patients can notice an improvement in their feet almost right away.

Treat foot pain and live life in comfort

Your high heels could be wearing down your foot padding and making you feel uncomfortable, even during everyday activities. If you have had chronic discomfort in the balls of your feet, seek professional help from an experienced board-certified podiatric surgeon. Dr. Suzanne Levine can perform an examination in New York City, NY, and provide a wide range of options for moving forward, including Pillows For Your Feet. Call Millennium Podiatry to learn about this process and find real relief from pain.

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