Here is When You Should Be Concerned About Heel Pain

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Our heels are responsible for supporting our body weight and absorbing the shock of each step we take. They also support our footing and balance. If you've been experiencing heel pain in New York City, NY, it can be a difficult condition to diagnose. Athletes and nonathletes alike experience heel pain, and it can be caused by loss of natural padding in our heels.

So, when do you need to see a medical professional about foot pain? If you find that discomfort is preventing you from wearing your favorite heels or performing simple tasks at home or work, meet with board-certified podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine for a consultation. Millennium Podiatry can discuss easy treatment options like Stiletto RX®: Pillows For Your Feet®, which uses Sculptra® fillers to add more comfort to your steps.

What's causing my heel pain?

It's normal to experience volume loss in some areas of the body as we age. When the natural padding between the skin and bone wears down in our heels, you may experience discomfort when walking or standing for long periods of time. Women who wear fashionable high heels may even have trouble just making it through the day.

Can I treat my heel pain on my own?

There are some home remedies to alleviate pain in the heel of the foot, but they won't address the root of the problem. Many people get foot massages, use over-the-counter pain medications or ice packs, and take hot showers to reduce discomfort. These self-treatment methods are a good way to start, but they shouldn't replace a check-up with an experienced podiatrist.

When do I need to meet with a podiatrist?

If the pain in your heels becomes unbearable, it's time to make an appointment with Dr. Levine in New York City, NY. Call our clinic if you find yourself avoiding high heels, find it difficult to walk or run for more than a few minutes, or develop new sores on your feet. These are all signs that you're putting off treatment and need medical attention.

During an assessment, Dr. Levine will examine the heels of your feet and review your medical history to determine the cause of your heel pain. If it's been caused by something simple, like aging or wearing the wrong shoes, then a few lifestyle changes may be enough to ease discomfort. We may also recommend a simple treatment to add new cushioning to your heels.

What is Stiletto RX?

Stiletto RX: Pillows For Your Feet provides new padding in the bottom of the feet so your feet can better absorb pressure and stress. Athletes and working professionals alike find that daily activities are easier to manage shortly after this innovative procedure.

Dr. Levine performs Stiletto RX through Sculptra fillers, which are administered directly into the heels of the foot. This unique formula stimulates natural collagen production and creates a cushioning effect. Patients report fast, effective pain relief and improved mobility after getting Sculptra fillers.

Add natural padding to your feet

Any kind of foot pain can be debilitating. If you have unexplained heel pain, persistent or worsening discomfort after walking for long periods of time, or pain after wearing high-heeled shoes in New York City, NY, call Millennium Podiatry to schedule an appointment with board-certified podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine. We can recommend simple options for restoring lost volume so you can live comfortably again.

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