Hammertoes What To Do?

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What is a hammertoe?

A hammertoe is a permanent deformity of the second, third, fourth, or fifth toes where the middle joint has become twisted into a claw-like or clenched position.

To make matters worse, hammertoes often develop corns because the top and tip of the toes are pushed upward and rub against the inside of your shoes, as well as calluses between two toes or on the ball of the foot.

What causes a hammertoe?

Most hammertoes are the result of heredity; so if your mother, father or grandparents have these bent, clenched toes, you may, too.

Structural issues also play a role. For example, people with larger feet and/ or longer toes are more prone to hammertoes, as are people with high-arches, because a lot of weight is being put on the front of the foot and the toes are pulling back.

Some patients tell me their hammertoes suddenly appeared out of nowhere, which can happen typically after the age of 45, and women tend to get them more than men. As if they weren’t ugly enough, a bunion can cause your big toe to lean over putting a lot of force on any of the neighboring toes, usually the second.

What can I do to fix a hammertoe permanently?

Unfortunately, a hammertoe won’t go away on its own. If the above treatments don’t help reduce your pain, your hammertoe limits your activity or you can’t move your toe, the next option is surgery – especially if you don’t want to change your lifestyle because of chronic pain. There are various options please contact your podiatrist and discuss what is best for you.

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