Get Back Into High Heels with Pillows For Your Feet® Injections

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Our feet support our weight when we're performing tasks like standing and walking. While the bottoms of our feet provide ample padding when we’re young, this fatty tissue can decline over time. This makes us susceptible to foot pain, especially if you enjoy wearing fashionable high heels and platforms. Board-certified podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine has developed a revolutionary treatment that combats fat loss, so you can wear your favorite heels and wedges in comfort.

Pillows For Your Feet uses carefully placed Sculptra injections to create a plush cushion on the bottoms of your feet. Discover how our clinic in New York City, NY performs this innovative technique when you schedule a foot assessment at Millennium Podiatry. We can create a personalized Sculptra treatment plan based on your needs.

About Pillows For Your Feet

Our bodies lose fat in certain areas as we age. This is especially true in the bottoms of our feet, leaving our bones and other supportive structures less protected. Stylish high heels, like pumps and stilettos, increase the amount of pressure on our foot’s natural padding, which means you may experience some foot pain over time. If you can’t live without your heels, there is a way to restore your foot padding. Sculptra injections can be used for fat replacement in the balls of your feet. This procedure is referred to as Pillows For Your Feet.

Sculptra is perfect for women who wear high heels as well as individuals who spend most of their day on their feet in New York City, NY. This includes teachers, salon workers, mail carriers, and men and women in the entertainment industry. Even athletes notice an improved performance after getting Pillows For Your Feet.

Sculptra dermal fillers explained

Sculptra is a popular dermal filler that treats facial wrinkles and lines. It is primarily made of a material called poly-L-lactic acid that does not damage or harm the surrounding tissues. The advantage of this filler is that it creates a cushion when injected into the bottom of the foot. This product can stimulate new collagen growth and create a plumper appearance as well. Best of all, most patients notice an improvement after only a single treatment.

How Pillows For Your Feet works

The first step in successful treatment is an examination of the foot to determine the cause of your discomfort. Dr. Levine then creates a plan to administer Sculptra injections in the areas of fat loss. Our goal is to decrease foot pain while creating a healthy padding that supports your feet. Patients can return to their normal routines after the procedure is finished. Our clinic then gives you simple aftercare instructions for making sure Pillows For Your Feet lasts as long as possible.

Enjoy your high heels in comfort

Now there is a virtually pain-free way to wear high heel designer shoes and sandals. The professionals at Millennium Podiatry are proud to offer an innovative yet simple procedure that creates a pillow-like cushion on the balls of your feet. Sculptra builds tissue in areas that have atrophied over time due to aging and wear and tear. If you would like to learn more from board-certified podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine, contact our team for an evaluation. Our New York City, NY clinic has helped countless professionals return to the high heels they love.

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