Don't Let Corns Keep You Out of Your Louboutins

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Christian Louboutin stilettos can make your appearance more desirable in a number of ways. They give your calves definition and make your legs look naturally longer. But even the most stylish pair of heels can be uncomfortable when you have issues with your feet. Board-certified podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine can treat corns and similar conditions at our advanced podiatry clinic.

Foot corns are small calluses that form when your toes push up against your shoes. Corns are notorious for causing foot discomfort and inflammation. So, before throwing out your stilettos, have a conversation with a professional podiatrist in New York City. The specialists at Millennium Podiatry can discuss your treatment options so you can get back to your Louboutins as soon as possible.

Why do I have corns?

Louboutins are among the most recognizable designer shoes. These shoes are loved by women because of their high-quality materials and unique red sole. Unfortunately, fashionable high heels can also cause unwanted pressure and friction, especially if they are not worn correctly. Corns are hard layers of skin that develop between the toes if they rub together abnormally. You are more likely to develop corns if:

  • You have a medical condition that changes your gait (arthritis in your feet, bunions, and hammertoes)

  • You wear ill-fitting shoes, boots, or high heels regularly

  • You wear shoes without socks regularly

Are corns calluses?

Corns are sometimes confused with calluses, but there are noticeable differences between them. Even though corns also consist of hard skin, they are also raised, inflamed, and even painful to the touch. They also tend to be smaller than traditional calluses. Corns need to be addressed as soon as possible before your condition worsens. Untreated corns might become infected and lead to other medical issues.

Diagnosing and treating corns

Patients should visit Millennium Podiatry at the first sign of irritation or pain from corns. While over-the-counter medications can be used to dissolve corns, these products contain harsh chemicals and can be dangerous when applied the wrong way. You may even burn the surrounding skin. Patients with medical conditions, like diabetes, are never advised to self-treat and should seek medical care at the first sight of corns.

Millennium Podiatry can help you develop a plan to reduce or prevent foot corns so you can return to your high heels in comfort. No special tests are required to diagnose them. A podiatrist in New York City can perform a simple visual examination and medical assessment. Dr. Levine may ask you questions about your footwear and how much time you spend walking each day. We could also recommend solutions, like custom orthotics, to correct your gait and reduce friction.

Meet with a podiatrist in New York City

Christian Louboutins are wonderful shoes to wear when exploring the New York City, NY, social scene. But you can’t really enjoy them if you suffer from painful corns or calluses. Millennium Podiatry provides in-office corn treatment so you can experience pain relief. Meet with board-certified podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine to learn about your options for foot corns today.

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