Can Pillows for My Feet® Fix the Pain in My Feet?

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Almost everyone has their fair share of foot pain. Pain can prevent you from wearing your favorite pair of high heels or brand-name stilettos at important social events. If you have discomfort when walking or wearing heels, a board-certified podiatric surgeon like Dr. Suzanne Levine can offer comprehensive and unique solutions. Now you can learn about the innovative new treatment called Stiletto RX®: Pillows For Your Feet, engineered by Dr. Levine.

There's no better time to find out what Millennium Podiatry can do for your chronic foot pain. Rejoin the New York social scene by scheduling a foot assessment and getting started with treatment.

What's causing my foot pain?

It's normal to experience some foot pain due to a natural loss of padding in the bottom of the foot. Unfortunately, this can get worse over time and cause debilitating problems. Some common reasons why people lose foot padding include:

  • Natural age

  • Ill-fitting or uncomfortable shoes

  • Exercise, overuse, or high-impact workouts

  • Trauma or injury to the foot

If you wear high heels every day, your feet hurt because of the way the foot is positioned. Stiletto pain isn't just a nuisance – your foot position may be affecting the placement of your ankles, legs, and even spine. In some cases, this can lead to more serious health problems in these areas as well if left untreated.

How do Pillows For Your Feet help?

You've probably tried everything to ease your foot pain before coming back to the New York social scene, from purchasing wraps to icing your sore feet. But what do you do when nothing helps? That's where Stiletto RX: Pillows For Your Feet comes in. Dr. Levine is proud to have helped countless New York, NY residents with something as simple as an injection – no invasive surgery needed. Benefits of our injections include:

  • Reduce a common source of foot pain and discomfort

  • Protect the bones in your feet

  • Prevent future foot damage or injuries

  • No incisions or extended time in recovery

Because our team can treat foot pain without surgery, there's also no need for products or aids to provide yourself with support. This includes anti-inflammatory creams and braces. There's nothing wrong with using these items for better comfort and support, but they don't target the cause of your pain.

Instead, our acclaimed Pillows For Your Feet procedure alleviates foot pain using Sculptra®, a solution that’s carefully administered into the bottom of the foot. Sculptra then stimulates new collagen growth and creates more natural padding for your foot. Best of all, patients notice an improvement in the way they walk after only one office appointment.

Wear high heels again in comfort

Do you struggle with foot pain? Have you tried all the over-the-counter remedies, and nothing seems to work? It may be time to meet with Dr. Suzanne Levine about Pillows For Your Feet. The trained staff at Millennium Podiatry are experienced in helping people with loss of padding on the bottom of their feet. When you’re ready to get back to the New York social scene with a great pair of stilettos or high heels, call our staff for an appointment today. We look forward to helping you!

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