Six Reasons Why Orthotics Are Needed For Your Feet

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One of the most common misconceptions about shoe inserts is that they only help with certain issues. Actually, orthotics support your overall health in different ways. So, when your local podiatrist suggests you wear insoles, there are many reasons to listen. Board-certified podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine is proud to offer custom-made orthotics in New York City, NY. If you are interested in learning more, schedule an appointment with Millennium Podiatry. Discover the benefits of orthotics for your feet below.

1. Cushion your feet

One of the main reasons people choose orthotics is to provide extra cushioning for their feet. This cushioning absorbs shock when walking or performing athletic activities. They also offer comfort for working professionals who stand on their feet all day. This includes nurses and retail workers. They find that orthotics reduce foot pain and prevent future injuries.

2. Support your arches

Everyone has uniquely-shaped feet. Flat feet, unfortunately, are not enough to keep your body stable. People with flat feet are at a higher risk of chronic pain because the muscles are forced to compensate for the lack of stability. Orthotic devices provide comprehensive arch support, so you have more comfort and control over your movements.

3. Reduce lower back pain

When weight is unevenly divided when walking or running, it increases pressure on your lower back. This is what leads to chronic pain in the lower back and other areas. Custom-made orthotics in New York improve your posture and gait by fully supporting your feet. They also reduce the chances of back pain by ensuring proper weight distribution.

4. Prevent future foot problems

Many people do not consider the benefits of orthotics until it is too late. Orthotic devices are actually helpful in preventing future problems down the road. Expert podiatrists recommend custom insoles to simply maintain the alignment of your feet and ankles. They can also prevent your feet from rolling excessively inward or outward, which can also lead to pain.

5. Walk or exercise more

Some people do not get the exercise they need because activities, like running and jumping, cause foot pain. Since shoe inserts are shock-absorbing, you can perform all kinds of workouts without worry. The right inserts can make some activities feel less stressful, so you can move or stand for long periods of time without fatigue.

6. Alleviate diabetes symptoms

This is one of the more surprising benefits of orthotics. Diabetes can affect your circulation and cause numbness in different parts of your body. Orthotic devices could correct alignment issues and potentially reduce side effects, like numbness. They can also decrease chafing, which leads to other complicated problems, such as corns and calluses.

Our custom-made orthotics

Dr. Suzanne Levine offers custom-made orthotics in New York City, NY. When you visit Millennium Podiatry for a consultation, we can make inserts made from foot impression casts. Unlike over-the-counter options, our orthotics are engineered from quality materials to alleviate your specific issues. To discover more about our options, contact our clinic to schedule an assessment. Our goal is to increase your comfort and quality of life.

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