Dr. Suzanne Levine and Joan Rivers discussing "My Feet Are Killing Me!" book

Dr. Suzanne Levine, a NYC podiatrist and late Joan Rivers, discussing how to get your feet feeling fabulous. They also talk about Dr. Levine's best selling book "My Feet Are Killing Me!" Watch this video to learn how to properly take care of your feet, relieve foot pain and discover the latest treatments in podiatry. My Feet Are Killing Me has been called the ‘Go-To’ resources for good foot health, the latest treatments, home remedies, self care & finding designer shoes. To browse the table of contents and to buy this book by Dr. Suzanne Levin, please visit: http://myfeetarekillingme.com/about-the-book Dr. Suzanne Levine is an award-winning New York Podiatrist, Author, & Inventor. Her foot clinic, Institute Beauté, is conveniently located on Park Avenue in NYC, where she offers the latest cutting-edge foot treatments for various foot conditions. Visit her page to view her credentials, achievements and awards at http://institutebeaute.com/dr-suzanne-levine/