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At our New York City practice, our Millennium Podiatry physicians provide numerous innovative treatment options to ensure optimal results. Within medical foot treatments, we can treat a number of conditions, including bunions, hammertoe deformity, corns, ingrown toenails, and arthritis in the feet and toes. We also offer aesthetic foot procedures, such as fungal nail laser treatment, foot facials, and toe lengthening and shortening, for aesthetic outcomes. Finally, during COVID, you may have something called post-quarantine feet, which happens because of walking barefoot or not wearing proper shoes. In some cases, it leads to bunions and the need for bunion treatments. In addition to your feet, we provide face and body services, like removing unwanted hair, treating spider veins, and decreasing scars. Learn more by browsing our complete list of services!

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Bunion deformity treatment can consist of orthotics, injections, or other conservative treatments to alleviate bunions and the associated symptoms.

Pillows For Your Feet injections can alleviate aches and pains in your feet that may be caused by certain shoes or standing on your feet for hours.

Hammertoe deformity is a permanent condition of one of the toes and can be treated with surgical techniques in order to alleviate pain and irritation.

Neuroma pain treatment can include various methods in order to effectively reduce nerve pressure, swelling, other symptoms caused by neuroma.

Flat foot treatment can consist of conservative methods or more invasive approaches in order to correct the positioning of your feet and arches.

Orthotics are devices that are inserted into the shoe in order to relieve symptoms of foot disorders and can provide alleviation of several issues.

Big toe arthritis can lead to stiffness and pain in the joint and may require treatment in order to reduce swelling, remove bone spurs, etc.

To alleviate ankle arthritis symptoms, our team at Millennium Podiatry offers numerous treatment methods that are customized to each patient's needs.

As an innovative treatment option, loub job injections use hyaluronic acid and can be beneficial for patients who suffer from painful arthritis.

Foot pain, numbness, and tingling in your toes? Get relief for your sore feet today with a dropped metatarsal treatment at Millennium Podiatry.

Toenail procedures at Millennium Podiatry can help to reduce ingrown toenails and treat existing ones for healthier feet over time.

Ankle fractures can occur due to trauma or an accident and often need to be treated through a surgical procedure in order to stabilize the area.

A foot facial is an optimal treatment for helping to prevent future foot conditions and allows for enhanced circulation and reduced infections.

Fungal nail laser treatment uses advanced, innovative technologies and techniques in order to eliminate harmful fungi, keeping healthy tissue intact.

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