Everett Lautin, M.D.


Dr. Everett Lautin was formerly a full-time academic professor of radiology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. For the last 17 years, he has specialized in the emerging field of aesthetic medicine. He co-authored the first book on BOTOX® (The Botox Book) and is distinguished as one of the top authorities in his field. Dr. Lautin teaches and lectures internationally through the International Aesthetic Foot Society, of which he is president.

Dr. Lautin offers the latest trends in skin rejuvenation, BOTOX for aesthetic treatments and hyperhidrosis (excess sweating), injectable wrinkle fillers, skin discoloration solutions, age spot reduction, and spider vein treatments. Dr. Lautin also utilizes cutting-edge laser technology to tighten loose and aging skin. Dr. Levine and Dr. Lautin have created and perfected groundbreaking treatments to enhance the beauty of the foot and ankle. Additionally, Dr. Lautin provides the most current and advanced treatments available for arm and stomach tightening, as well as overall body muscle toning.